Audio Equipment Rental Services

Save time and money by scheduling our interpreting services and renting our equipment combined! In addition to the language services provided by Accent on Languages, we provide professional audio equipment for rent. We can serve small meetings or large audiences at affordable and flexible prices. Our equipment is compatible with any public announcement audio system. Let us be your one stop for both interpreting and audio rental services.


  • Wireless transmitters with microphone and headset for the interpreters.
  • Wireless receivers with headphones for the attendants/participants requesting interpretation.

Wireless transmitters


The wireless transmitters forward the voice from the microphone to the audience wearing the receiver's earphones. Some of the benefits include: 

  • One transmitter can work with multiple receivers.
  • Two input jacks available (AUX and MIC),  AUX is for external audio inputting, such as music playing from CD or MP3 player, MIC is for real-time human voice inputting, such as translating, teaching, training, etc.

Wireless receivers


Our portable receivers are easy to use and offer a wide transmission range. Some of the benefits include:


  • Digital tuning capability with 5 channel presets, stereo-mono switch, LCD digital display, last station recall and key lock setting.
  • Individual receivers make it easy for your entire group to listen at their own comfort level without crowding around the speaker.
  • Combines ease of use and superior sound quality with a long battery life.
  • Includes: stereo ear buds, lanyard neck-strap, extra batteries.


  • Amplifier unit to improve the sound signal from the client's A/V system (wired).
  • Booths to isolate interpreters from ambient sound (table-top, or full).
  • Portable microphones for Q&A sessions.

Please contact us for more information about our audio equipment services.